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Return process:

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Dear customer, according to the law of online shopping, you have 7 days to return any product you do not want, starting from the date you received the order. You can return the products you purchased by selecting the product with the reason for the return or by contacting the customer service department to solve the problem, and you can also send the details via WhatsApp or Messenger to help you and to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What products can I return and will I pay the shipping costs on return:

If the customer receives the exact product he ordered without any mistake, but he still wants to return the product, half of the amount will be deducted and the delivery cost will be calculated on the customer.

But if the change is due to a mistake by the company (measurement, color or brand error) or there the product was damaged, the product will be returned to the company’s stores and the full amount will be transferred to the customer.

What products cannot be returned:

Returns are not accepted for products that are single-use, subsequently damaged, or likely to expire quickly when the product is opened.

Examples: cosmetics, skin care products, lingerie and swimwear products, stationery consumables (toner cartridge...) foodstuffs and others.

The product can be returned as follows:

·         Unopened packages.

·         Not used.

·         undamaged.

If the products that require installation are opened from the category of electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, air conditioners and mobile phones and you wish to return the product without any technical defect, they are outside the scope of return.

 If the products reach us in used, worn or washed condition, we may have to send them back to you, in which case the customer will not be able to get any refund.


When will I get a refund for the returned product?

After the product reaches us, it is verified that it complies with the terms of return. If the product complies with the terms of return, the process of returning the amount is completed within 2/10 of working days, and the money will be refunded to any of your card or by the method of the original payment process. If the payment was made through the bank, the return time depends on the bank you deal with.

If the product does not comply with the return terms, it will be sent back to your address or notified by phone.

The two-day return period has expired Can I return the product?

According to the online shopping agreement, the period for returning the product purchased from the Internet or mobile phone is two days.

The return period starts from the day you receive the product from the delivery company.

The shipping company did not come to receive the order, what should I do?

In the event that the shipping company is late in receiving the order you wish to return, please contact the customer service as soon as possible to accept the return of the request within the time allotted for returning requests, which is 7 days. In the event of no communication, the request will not be accepted.

I lost my bill; how do I return the product?

 You can easily open the eBazar application and go to your account (My Account) and send the code attached to the piece, as shown in the image.

Second: the replacement process:

Products are replaced on the eBazar platform according to the following cases:

·         In case that you receive the order that does not conform to the required specifications (color, size, brand.....) or if the product has been damaged during the delivery process, the company will charge the fees to replace the product without paying the buyer any additional amount.

·         In case that the product is not subjected to any damage during transportation and the product is completely identical to the same size, color, brand.... The product will be replaced with the buyer's payment for transportation fees according to the address mentioned in the order.

Some frequently asked questions:

● Can the product be replaced with another product?

The product can be replaced with another product from the same seller exclusively with the payment of transportation costs in case the replacement was without reason.

● What is the replacement period?

Product exchange is accepted within two days of receiving the order from the delivery company.

● Can the product be replaced or returned for free?

Yes, you can exchange or return the product during the replacement or return period by visiting our main office at the following address (Iraq / Erbil / Bharka Road / Beirut Palace Complex).

Thank you for shopping with us